Life 'n Perspectives of a Genuine Crossover

Holland is probably not the country that springs to mind when anyone thinks of bands on the cutting edge. But it was the Dutch fivesome Urban Dance Squad that borrowed the best of speed-metal (melodic noodlings), grungy art rock (playful dissonance), and hip-hop (scratchy turntable magic), topping off the stew with vocalist Rudeboy’s snarly staccato raps to create last year’s funky, popping hit single ”Deeper Shade of Soul.” Life ‘N Perspectives is heavy on the bass — you practically feel the beat before you hear it — and long on scrawly, headbanging guitar. It’s perfect dance-floor rock, European world music for a confederation of misunderstood kids. UDS get their grade docked a point or two, though, for the careless ballad ”Routine” (Rudeboy should stick to rapping) and for the inscrutability of their lyrics. B+

Life 'n Perspectives of a Genuine Crossover
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