Errors in ''Scarlett'' -- Some egregious excerpts from Alexandra Ripley's sequel to ''Gone With the Wind''

After an advance of $4.9 million and a print run of a million copies, Alexandra Ripley’s Scarlett: The Sequel to Gone With the Wind has arrived to huge sales and howls of critical derision. The book has already been translated into 18 languages. Excerpts such as the following suggest Warner Books should have made it 19 and tried English.

”Scarlett genuinely loved and respected Will. If she could have had a brother, like she’d always wanted, she’d wish he could be just like Will. Except for the wooden pegleg, and of course not a Cracker.”

”Scarlett stretched luxuriantly. For the first time she felt the rasping sand against her skin, noticed her surroundings. Why, it’s pouring down rain. We’ll catch our death. We’ll have to find some shelter before we make love again.”

”Scarlett’s hands held her aching breasts, but hers were not the hands her body longed for…She abandoned herself to the waves of desire and pain that made her writhe, made her call out brokenly into the empty, silent, candlelit room.

‘Rhett, oh Rhett, I need you.”’

”Scarlett stepped out with her pugnacious chin — so like her Irish father’s — held high.”

”Scarlett unbuttoned her shirt. Her fingers felt like sausages, the buttons like uncontrollable lumps of suet.”

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