''Bebe's Kids'' gets the green-light -- Paramount Pictures give the go ahead for the first black animated movie from black filmmakers

Paramount Pictures has green-lighted a landmark project — what the producers call the first black animated movie from black filmmakers. Using characters created by late comedian Robin Harris (Do the Right Thing, House Party), Bebe’s Kids is a cross between The Simpsons and Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure: Teens in an amusement park meet up with such historical figures as Abe Lincoln, Ronald Reagan, Marie Antoinette, and Bela Lugosi. Right, Bela Lugosi. Executive producers Reginald and Warrington Hudlin (House Party) initiated the idea as a prime-time animated feature at NBC; Brandon Tartikoff took it with him when he went to Paramount. The Hudlins intend Bebe’s Kids to be a tribute to their friend Harris, a Chicago comic who died of a heart attack at 36 last year. ”This movie,” says Reggie, ”will be a legacy of Robin’s talent.”