''Spinal Tap'' vs. ''Truth or Dare'' -- We compare the two films

Truth or Dare: blazingly original rockumentary or thinly disguised remake of 1984 mockumentary This Is Spinal Tap? You, the viewer, decide.

Stage malfunction traps Derek inside plastic bubble; stage crew pries him out with blowtorch.
Nigel has backstage snit over tiny hors d’oeuvres; manager nods patiently.
Derek uses cucumber wrapped in aluminum foil as stunt phalllus.
Nigel and David (Michael McKean) visit Elvis’ grave and sing off-key ”Heartbreak Hotel” in tribute.
Camera follows group stumbling through Cleveland concert-hall basement trying to find stage.
Cover of ”Smell the Glove” album, depicting woman on all fours, prompts boycott by ZKmart.

Stage malfunction cuts off Madonna’s vocals; stage crew bails her out with faulty hand mike.
Madonna has backstage snit over technical gaffe; manager nods patiently.
Madonna uses mineral-water bottle.
Madonna visits Mom’s grave while on soundtrack she sings off-key rendition of ”Oh Father” in tribute.
Camera follows Madonna’s brother Marty stumbling through Detroit hotel hall trying to find sister’s room.
”Like a Virgin” number, with Madonna on all fours, prompts Vatican to denounce show.

Madonna: Truth or Dare
  • Movie
  • 114 minutes