Problems on Jenny Jones talk show -- The host has recently fired directors, writers, and hairdressers

Our topic today: talk show hosts who fire seven hairdressers! Our guest is stand-up comic Jenny Jones, whose daily TV talk show is off to a bumpy start. In preparation for the recent premiere of Jenny Jones — syndicated in all of the nation’s top 100 markets — Jones fired her director Ron Weiner, formerly director of Donahue, and replaced him with veteran Tom Maguire. One of three Jones writers got a pink slip as well. In addition, seven hairdressers bit the dust, along with two wardrobe consultants. ”I have difficult hair. It’s very fine,” says Jones, 44. ”Women change their hairdressers every day. What’s wrong with that?”

Elaborate sets and props caused delays during the show’s first week. One segment that lasted extra long featured Jones cooking and eating insects. ”This is not a normal talk show,” says Jones, who first attracted notice three years ago by barring men from her comedy act.