A new ''Wall Street Journal'' -- The business newspaper has released an edition targeted at high schoolers

The Wall Street Journal, long a highly regarded source of news in the business world, may soon become a favorite in yet another area-the classroom. Last month, 40,000 copies of a monthly tabloid newspaper for high schoolers, The Wall Street Journal Classroom Edition, were distributed to students and teachers across the country. Most of Classroom‘s editorial content consists of articles from the Journal (edited for space only) with color charts and graphs to help students visualize the data. Financing for the 24-page publication, which is published nine times during the academic year, comes from subscriptions and six corporate advertisers.

Before the first edition was published, Classroom staffers conducted extensive tests to determine what kinds of topics teenage readers wanted the new publication to cover. ”They care about the environment,” says Melinda Guiles, 42, Classroom‘s editor and publisher. ”They care about the kinds of jobs they’ll get when they come out of school. They’re very interested in social issues: AIDS, literacy, the homeless. They like to read about the companies whose prod-ucts they buy.” Sounds a lot like what adults are interested in, too.