Naughty By Nature

New Jersey’s Naughty by Nature scored the party jam of the summer, selling well over half a million copies of ”O.P.P.” — a sly, body-rocking tune with a melodic pop hook and plenty of cute double entendres — and propelling their self-titled album to a debut on the Billboard chart at No. 17. Although just as irresistible on the dance floor, the rest of Naughty by Nature is everything but cute. Rapper Treach, who has a rapid, assertive delivery, leads the trio through a searing indictment of inner-city life, much of it explicitly autobiographical: ”Ghetto Bastard,” for instance, seethes with the pain of a fatherless childhood in the concrete jungle. Naughty by Nature are a rarity among rap groups: They’re both danceable and intense enough to be welcomed with equal enthusiasm by mainstream radio and the hard-core street crowd. A

Naughty By Nature
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