The ''Hook'' junket -- Julia Roberts may only talk to reporters who sign a pledge to ask her only about the new film

Among the many movies scheduled for release during the Christmas holiday season, none has more media heat than TriStar’s Hook. The national press is already jockeying for inclusion in the Hook press junket to be held in L.A. Dec. 2-5, and while they’ll be happy to chat with the likes of director Steven Spielberg, Robin Williams (Peter Pan), and Dustin Hoffman (Captain Hook), the star they really want to meet face to face is Julia Roberts (Tinkerbell). But it looks like Roberts doesn’t really want to meet them. The word is that Roberts, who has seemed increasingly reclusive in recent months, may require each journalist on the junket to sign a pledge to only ask questions about her work on Hook — nothing about her personal life or previous films. The ”no questions” document was proposed by Julia’s agent, Elaine Goldsmith. (Roberts, who fired top publicist Susan Geller last March, has recently been advised by ace press agent Pat Kingsley of PMK, but last week it was revealed that Roberts was ”on hiatus” from PMK.) A TriStar spokesman admits this sort of star demand is ”rare.” It remains to be seen whether Goldsmith will change her mind, or whether the press will knuckle under.

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