Who is Artyom Borovik? -- The Soviet journalist was just hired by CBS to work for ''60 Minutes''

Switching from a Communist system to a market economy has been downright pleasurable for cherubic, 30-year-old Soviet journalist Artyom Borovik, who was the object of a bidding war between ABC and CBS. Borovik, an editor at Top Secret, an independent Soviet journal, recently agreed to a one-year television contract with CBS News and 60 Minutes for a salary that’s rumored to be more than $100,000. (ABC conceded the loss of Borovik but refuses further comment.) Though a recent Washington Post story claimed that the initial bidding war took place within CBS, 60 Minutes executive producer Don Hewitt says that’s ”absolutely untrue.” Borovik came to viewers’ attention when he provided Mike Wallace and Dan Rather with eyewitness reports during the coup-countercoup in late August. Most recently, Borovik completed two segments for the Sunday-night news magazine, one about the Soviets’ everyday lives and another about the mysteries of ”Room 19,” a lab where a staff has been studying the brains of famous Soviets, including Lenin, Stalin, and Sakharov.