''Star Trek'''s guest stars -- Sally Kellerman, Jill Ireland, and Joan Collins all showed up in episodes

By Benjamin Svetkey
Updated September 27, 1991 at 04:00 AM EDT

Star Trek (TV Show - 1973)

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Sally Kellerman as Dr. Elizabeth Dehner, a mortal mutated into a god in ”Where No Man Has Gone Before” (original air date: Sept. 22, 1966).

Ricardo Montalban as the genetically superior Khan in ”Space Seed” (Feb. 16, 1967).

Jill Ireland as Leila Kalomi, the woman who wins Spock’s heart, in ”This Side of Paradise” (March 2, 1967).

Joan Collins as Edith Keeler, a visionary social worker from the 1930s, in the time-travel episode ”City on the Edge of Forever” (April 6, 1967).

Jane Wyatt as Amanda, Spock’s human mom, in ”Journey to Babel” (Nov. 17, 1967).

Teri Garr as Roberta Lincoln, a 20th-century secretary to a time-traveling alien in ”Assignment Earth” (March 29, 1968).

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Star Trek (TV Show - 1973)

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