A breakdown of how much you'd have to spend to be a true trekkie

Here’s what a pretty good Trekkie starter kit costs these days, based on prices at a recent Star Trek convention in Arlington, Va.:

Star Fleet Academy sweatpants: $20
Star Trek insignia button: $6
Star Trek collector’s plate: $75
Star Trek collector’s plate with autographs: $100
Star Trek glow-in-the-dark yo-yo: $3
”Beam Me Up, Scotty” pen: $1
10-inch-high Captain Kirk doll: $50
10-inch-high Mr. Spock doll: $60
Phaser: $35
Phaser with working lights and sound effects: $225
Stuffed Tribble: $3
Enterprise charm necklace: $15
Star Trek chess set with gold- and silver-plated pieces: $944
Star Trek plastic lunch box: $20
Communicator: $60
Communicator with working lights and sound effects: $225
Star Trek rubber stamp: $14
Star Trek transporter mug (add cold water and Spock disappears): $12
Star Trek sound-effects cassette: $10
Star Fleet surgical scrubs: $15
Star Trek 25th-anniversary silver medallion: $125
Star Trek pewter mug: $195
Star Trek quartz watch: $195
Star Trek T-shirt: $10
Tricorder with working lights and sound effects: $225
Star Trek trading cards: $1 per pack

Total tab: $2,644

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