Quick Callanetics

Callan Pinckney has the quick solution to toning up our mushy stomachs, legs, hips, and behinds within the confines of our rushed, overextended lives. Her three 20-minute Quick Callanetics tapes — Legs, Stomach, and Hips & Behind — incorporate gentle, precise, deep-muscle movements (no jerking, bouncing, or forcing) that look simple but are sometimes agonizingly tough. To her credit, Callan begins and ends with relaxing stretches, provides clear instructions (including how to protect the back, plus specific precautions for sciatica sufferers), and stresses taking breaks. It’s debatable whether you’ll end up with a firm peach of a behind or the taut legs of a teen, but you can bet there will be an improvement relative to the small investment of time. A-

Quick Callanetics
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