Pricing ''Use Your Illusion'' -- Guns N' Roses latest album is being released as two separate discs

When it comes to pricing Guns N’ Roses’ Use Your Illusion I and II, Geffen Records is apparently using an even newer form of new math. According to the label, the rationale behind releasing the hotly anticipated work on Sept. 17 as two separate albums was to prevent cash-poor music fans from having to fork over $30 for a two-CD set. Geffen instead split the album and released it as two distinct CDs-each listing for $15.98. Some savings, huh?

”It’s hard to ask people to plunk down all that money at once,” says Robert Smith, Geffen’s head of marketing. ”But a kid could have $15.98 one week and then come back a week or two later with another $15.98.” Needless to say, not everyone thinks the Guns N’ Roses installment plan was created just for consumer convenience. Howard Cespedes, manager of one of Tower Records’ New York City stores, says, ”I guess they just want to capitalize on additional sales and make more money.”