Musical Outtakes -- What may appear on a new compilation about musical numbers cut from old films

No studio crammed more production numbers into its musicals than MGM, or more readily cut sequences that slowed a movie’s pace. As a result, MGM vaults house some 75 deleted scenes. Two outtakes appeared last year on cassettes of The Wizard of Oz (”The Jitterbug,” with Judy Garland) and Meet Me in St. Louis (Garland singing ”Boys and Girls Like You and Me”), while others grace laserdiscs of Singin’ in the Rain (Debbie Reynolds’ ”You Are My Lucky Star”), The Band Wagon, and Bells Are Ringing. ”I’ve been sparing in my use of them,” says MGM/UA Home Video’s George Feltenstein, ”because we’re working on a project to showcase all this material with the editors of That’s Entertainment.” A new compilation — call it That Coulda Been Entertainment — would probably include:

Frank Sinatra and Betty Garrett crooning ”Boys and Girls ” (Take Me Out to the Ball Game, 1949)

Garland leading a ”March of the Doagies” (The Harvey Girls, 1946)

Michael Kidd dancing ”Jack and the Space Giants” for three kids (It’s Always Fair Weather, 1955)

Garland’s ”Mister Monotony” (Easter Parade, 1948) and ”I’m an Indian Too” (Annie Get Your Gun, 1950; staged by Busby Berkeley before Betty Hutton replaced Garland).

Meet Me in St. Louis
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