Making the most of ''Star Trek'' -- To celebrate the anniversary, Paramount Home Video is offering four different ways to buy collectible editions of the films

Star Trek (1966 TV series)

Are Trekkies the most susceptible market demo of them all? Will these happy suckers buy anything up to and including the Tribble change purse? Paramount Home Video seems to think so; in honor of the series’ 25th anniversary, the company is kicking off a year-long ”Trekebration” intended to get you to buy a Star Trek movie no matter what. The five flicks are being offered in four different packages, depending upon the size of your wallet and the level of your Kirkophilia. In ascending order of price:

The five cassettes are available separately for a suggested retail price of $14.95 each.

The ”Collector’s Set” gives you all five in a boxed set which, when the covers are arranged in chronological order, forms a picture of the USS Enterprise. Suggested retail: $74.75.

Another 25 simoleons gets you the ”Gift Set,” a blue cloth box holding all five cassettes, three limited-edition cloisonné Trek pins, and a certificate from creator Gene Roddenberry.

And for a mere $200, the 1,000-issue ”Limited Edition Set” gives you a red cloth box containing the five cassettes, the cloisonné pins, the Roddenberry certificate — and a note personally signed by William Shatner.

None of the configurations is truly complete, since the sixth Trek movie won’t be out on video until 1992. ”We wanted to take advantage of the excitement (the 25th anniversary) is causing,” says Eric Doctorow, executive vice president of Paramount Home Video. ”When VI is eventually released on video, we will probably rethink our gift sets and include it.” What will those packages include — Spock’s Q-Tips?

Star Trek (1966 TV series)
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