Check out letters from those who agreed with us, and those who didn't on ''Beverly Hills, 90210,'' ''Boyz N the Hood,'' and movie myths

Mail from our readers

Right Zip Code
As a 16-year-old, I very much relate to Brenda, Brandon, Dylan, Andrea, Kelly, Steve, Donna, and David. Beverly Hills, 90210 (#82 Sept. 6) shows that normal, even rich, teens have problems too and helps teen viewers feel better about opening up to problems about sex, drugs, and relationships. I hope other Fox viewers start tuning in so 90210 gets the high rating it deserves.
Monica Phillips
San Ramon, Calif.

Thank you for your article on Beverly Hills, 90210. It is one program my 13-year-old daughter and I can sit down and enjoy together. It is a hit not only with teens but also with seniors; my 74-year-old mother thinks it’s refreshing!
Kathy Glagola

Of all the photographs of Shannen Doherty you could have printed, was it really necessary to select one in which she is smoking a cigarette? If these young celebrities truly make ”young women scream and young men whoop,” then their fans will certainly emulate their personal habits.
Dr. Jeffrey S. Baggish

‘Boyz’ School
I enjoyed your article on Boyz N the Hood. I’m 17 and live in a small, prejudiced town. I knew things were bad in the projects, but the movie really opened my eyes. It hit hard, and it touched me.
Aimee Jo Mazzoni
McHenry, Ill.

Some Came Gunning
Meredith Berkman’s article ”Shooting Down a Movie Myth” barely scratches the surface of the trouble with movies that ”empower” women by turning them into pistol-packing heroines. The questionable wisdom and morality of the might- makes-right doctrine aside, what’s so sexy about turning women into pseudo-males for thrills and profit? The moviemaking misogynists lust after one thing: Compare the profiles of a smoking gun and any sweating stud in a porno film. Uncanny, isn’t it?
Maggie McEwan

I must disagree with ”Shooting Down the Movie Myth.” I am sick of women being used only as sexpots, hookers, or wives/mothers who have a few lines with no substance. There are too few good lead roles for many fine actresses. If they have to pump up and carry guns to get a lead role, I say more power to them. Movies like Terminator 2 show strong women making their own decisions, taking care of themselves, and using guns only in self-defense. If that’s a movie myth, then it’s one I can live with.
Pamela Conaty
Huntington, W. Va.

Two small corrections to the item about CrimeBeat magazine: As its editor, I’ve never dealt with investors (they were assembled by business affairs director Steve Fishman), and as a Joseph Conrad fan, I’d never quote him as saying ”the fascination with abomination.” Conrad’s famous phrase refers to ”the fascination of the abomination.”
T.E.D. Klein
New York City