The latest celebrity court cases -- The Moody Blues, Robin Williams, Sylvester Stallone, and Joan Collins all have suits pending

The Moody Blues are being sued for breach of contract by Patrick Moraz, their keyboardist since 1979. According to his complaint, Moraz was all set to play in the group’s 1991 concert tour when lead guitarist Justin Hayward told him in April that the Moodys had decided to split profits among four instead of five musicians. Moraz, who played on four albums and received 20 percent of the group’s tour income and 16 percent of the band’s LP royalties, is seeking $500,000 in compensation and an accounting of profits.

Robin Williams is being sued for a reported $6.2 million by Michelle Tish-Carter, a former cocktail waitress at the Improv in L.A., claiming Williams gave her herpes during their two-year romantic entanglement, which began in 1984. Williams is countersuing, claiming that Tish-Carter has been extorting cash from him since 1985, when she falsely claimed she was pregnant. At that time, according to Williams’ suit, she demanded $20,000 and a new car in exchange for her silence.

Sly Stallone filed a $25 million libel suit against another supermarket tabloid, News Extra, which alleged that steroid use had rendered the actor impotent. Stallone called the story ”completely false and defamatory.”

Joan Collins filed a $20 million suit against the Globe, claiming that by trespassing to photograph her undressing in her bedroom and changing her clothes in her backyard, the tabloid invaded her privacy.