Eurythmics: Greatest Hits

As one of the first groups to find stardom in MTV’s looking glass, the Eurythmics paired up an eclectic procession of musical and video personae that helped define contemporary multimedia success. It’s almost unfair to consider these facile manipulators of audiovisual technology from a strictly musical perspective, but their songs do keep playing when the TV set is off — proof that solid artistic virtue is more than a marketing gimmick. With a few regrettable omissions (”Right by Your Side,” ”Sexcrime,” and the entire first album, In the Garden, as yet unreleased in the U.S.), Greatest Hits, a collection of 14 best-selling singles, follows Annie Lennox and David Stewart from the self-conscious ’50s swing of ”Thorn in My Side” and the chilly synth-rock of ”Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This)” to the hard-charging horn soul of ”Would I Lie to You?” and the bouncy pop of ”When Tomorrow Comes.” Although the duo’s material has turned glib of late, her extraordinary voice and his suave music make even the lesser efforts here hard to resist. B+

Eurythmics: Greatest Hits
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