By Chuck Eddy
Updated September 20, 1991 at 04:00 AM EDT

One of the paradoxes of this eternally critic-reviled Canadian power-pomp trio is that they’ve inspired so much music that rock critics now dote on: Art-metal outfits like Metallica, Living Colour, King’s X, and Faith No More cite Rush as forefathers. Roll the Bones suggests this combo has kept their ears open, too. The arrangements here are typically complex, but in a new way. Along with the usual melodic nods toward MTV metal and 19th-century concert halls, now there are rhythmic nods toward Nintendo games and West Africa. Every song has its hook, and a couple (most notably the wordless ”Where’s My Thing”) might even make it on the dance floor. The most epic anthem is the title track, and it lasts just 5:30 (a mere eye blink in the ambitious crowd Rush runs in). What makes that one so long is that it’s got a rap in it: For once, these guys seem to be acting silly on purpose. B