The Perfect Weapon

This better-than-average martial-arts thriller stars this week’s Steven Seagal wannabe, Jeff Speakman, as a kenpo karate master on a predictable mission: His mentor has been murdered by a Korean crime lord, and Speakman wants revenge — even if it means taking on the entire Korean mafia. What sets The Perfect Weapon, Speakman’s debut movie, apart are the man and his moves. As an actor, Speakman is less one-dimensional than Van Damme, though less dynamic than Seagal. As a fighter, however, he can hold his own with either. More important, perhaps, his action sequences are among the genre’s most kinetically convincing. Run this tape at regular speed and be blinded by a flurry of fists and feet. Then run it in slow motion and see how impressively choreographed these martial arts are, helping Perfect Weapon pack an uncommonly potent punch. B

The Perfect Weapon
  • Movie
  • 83 minutes