Eve of Destruction

Eve of Destruction has a terrific B-movie premise: A highly advanced ”female” robot, a look-alike programmed with her creator’s thoughts and feelings, goes berserk while acting out the generally well-meaning scientist’s subconscious sexual and murderous fantasies. And if not caught within 24 hours, Eve VIII will reduce New York City to an even bigger pile of rubble than it already is. An Army tactician (Gregory Hines) has to find out all about Eve from her creator (Renée Soutendijk) to take out the rambunctious robot, who handles a gun as easily as a compact.

What Eve of Destruction needs — and doesn’t get — is a dark and bleak sense of humor, with plenty of style and spunk. The film moves from one potentially crackerjack scene to the next with a sense of duty rather than enthusiasm. Still, for the hordes who missed its theatrical release in this Year of the Tough Woman, Soutendijk is a stunner of a killer, Hines is amiable, and the movie is minor fun. But, oh, what a little more ingenuity might have done. C+

Eve of Destruction
  • Movie
  • 99 minutes