Starring in a flop isn't always bad -- Match up the stars to their failed films

Sylvester Stallone and Michael J. Fox, take heart: Appearing in a movie nobody remembers is not necessarily a box office death certificate. The stars below have all come back from their shots at camera obscurity.

Can you match the actors’ names with the career duds? All are actual leading roles played during the performer’s popular prime.

1. Vengeful Basque soldier in A Time of Destiny

2. Jack o’ the Green, unicorn keeper, in Legend

3. Intrepid globe-trotting TV reporter in Wrong Is Right

4. Yank pilot in love with Sephardic Jew in Every Time We Say Goodbye

5. Secretary possessed by flapper’s ghost in Maxie

6. Heir to immense petrochemical for-tune in Rollover

A. William Hurt

B. Jane Fonda

C. Tom Cruise

D. Sean Connery

E. Tom Hanks

F. Glenn Close

(1A, 2C, 3D, 4E, 5F, 6B)