Roy Chubby Brown: From Inside the Helmet

Something of a scandalous sensation in Britain at the moment, comic Roy ”Chubby” Brown looks as jovially offensive as he sounds. Decked out in a garish patchwork Fauntleroy suit and a soft leather helmet of the sort associated with World War I RAF fliers, he flaunts a merry disdain for convention. Rarely have four-letter words been tossed about with such inane gaiety, to the doubled-over amusement of the live (and predominantly middle-aged) audience at the performance recorded for From Inside the Helmet at Blackpool’s South Pier auditorium. It’s as if the soul of Redd Foxx inhabited the body of Pinky Lee, spewing stand-up smut one-liners with clownish verve. Different, yes, pretty funny sometimes, and definitely not for tut-tutters on either side of the Atlantic. B+

Roy Chubby Brown: From Inside the Helmet
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