Psychotic Supper

After the surprise success of Tesla’s Five Man Acoustical Jam, a live record these fiery electric bluesmen tossed off last year, the group’s fourth album comes as a high-voltage shock. Psychotic Supper has little of Acoustical Jam‘s cozy intimacy, and it doesn’t have much of the down-home blues of the quintet’s first two records, either. Instead, Tesla assault the ears with an aggressive blend of commercial rock and maniacal noise that sounds like Def Leppard on speed. But this change in direction doesn’t suit them. The fast and furious ”Don’t De-Rock Me” and drunken rampage of ”Had Enough” sound grating, especially coming from a band that has showed so much depth and sensitivity. Out of this hour-plus album, only ”Call It What You Want” and ”What You Give” exude Tesla’s past warmth. These guys should go back to being hard rock’s voice of sanity and leave the psychosis to groups that are less emotionally aware. C+

Psychotic Supper
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