Making it to the Hall of Fame -- Jack McDowell hopes his rock band can be successful

Chicago White Sox ace Jack McDowell stifled enough batters this year to earn a trip to the All-Star Game, and now he’s got his eye on the Hall of Fame — the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, that is.

McDowell, 25, is singer, songwriter, guitarist, and leader of the rock trio V.I.E.W., which also features minor-leaguers Wayne Edwards (the Vancouver Canadians) on drums and Lee Plemel (the Arkansas Travelers) on bass. Their debut album, Extendagenda, is out on McDowell’s own Quality Start Records.

”At first people didn’t know what to expect,” says McDowell, who hopes to pitch in the World Series and take his band on the road in November. ”But come the second album, I think it’s gonna be completely different.”