Check out letters from those who agreed with us, and those who didn't, on Bonnie Raitt, Jim Mullen's Hot Sheet, and ''Law & Order''

Mail from our readers

  • Top Raitted
  • Having been a fan of Bonnie Raitt’s for years, I was glad to see Entertainment Weekly give her the cover story she richly deserves (#80). She has helped us survive the years of disco, punk, teenybop pop, and no-talent-needed rap by remaining for the most part focused on the music she wants to sing and wants us to hear. It was a classic article about a class act.
  • W. Perry Martin
  • Atlanta
  • Hot Sheet, Cold Sheet
  • The reference to Arthur Kent as a male Deborah Norville completely unjustified. (Jim Mullen’s Hot Sheet) says Arthur Kent should not be allowed to read the news until he has ”paid his dues.” Obviously, you don’t consider two Emmy awards and coverage of the conflicts in China, Afghanistan, and the Persian Gulf sufficient qualifications. However, it is apparent that you felt he was qualified to sell your magazine or you wouldn’t have featured him on the cover of your (Feb. 15) issue.
  • Lori Keeler
  • Estherville, Iowa

I would like to thank Jim Mullen personally for his Hot Sheet. It always makes me laugh, and I never cease to get a kick out of his witty and biting comments. Thank goodness someone out there still calls them like he sees them. Keep ’em coming, Jim!
Laurie Wise
Antioch, Calif.

Why do you publish Jim Mullen’s Hot Sheet? Doesn’t the world get an adequate dose of witless, sanctimonious, mean-spirited, and totally obvious cheap shots in the supermarket newspapers and on tabloid TV? I’ve yet to see a single item in this column that’s provocative or informative. Week after week, with stupefying consistency, Mullen get a solid F-.
Harry Ardman
Rockport, Maine

Sex and Crime
It’s an erroneous assumption that women won’t watch a show that has no women in the cast. I don’t watch Law & Order for relationships and meaningful dialogues between the sexes. I watch it to see a story of a crime, the police who investigate, and the attorneys who prosecute. It’s a great depiction of our criminal-justice system, and that’s more than enough for me.
Ann Smith

Cruella Deluxe
Thanks so much for turning the spotlight on Betty Lou Gerson! Her Cruella de Vil makes one wish Disney classics such as 101 Dalmatians were rereleased more often than ever seven years. Considering she was created 30 years ago, the pelt-hunting Cruella could not be a more timely villain.
Brad Barton
Chagrin Falls, Ohio

Message Music
As an agnostic parent who is also a fan of Michael W. Smith, I was offended by your offhand dismissal of his latest (album), Go West Young Man. Smith’s songs have many messages along with a Christian stance. Above all, his songs value human life and offer comfort, and support to young (and, in my case, older) people. Is that really ”subversive”?
Scott Parsons
Sidney, Ohio