''Fantasia,'' Sting, and Brian de Palma made headlines this week
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After Fantasia goes on sale Nov. 1 for a 50-day period, we won’t be able to see Mickey cavorting in a sorcerer’s cap for another five years, and then the experience won’t be quite the same. A revamped version of the animated classic, titled Fantasia Continued and scheduled for theatrical release in 1996 or ’97, will replace some sections of the original with brand-new animation and music. Will Fantasia Continued deviate from the classical strains of Bach, Beethoven, and Tchaikovsky? ”There are no rules,” says a spokeswoman for Buena Vista Home Video. ”But let’s just say that pop music like the Beatles is not ruled out.”

Ever wondered what the Police’s ”Every Breath You Take” and ”Roxanne” would sound like as played by a jazz band? Well, maybe not — but you’re going to hear it anyway on the Bob Belden Ensemble’s Straight to My Heart: Music of Sting. Due this month from the esteemed Blue Note jazz label, the album also features big-band arrangements of ”Wrapped Around Your Finger” and such Sting solo songs as ”I Burn for You.” ”There are only a handful of composers who could be treated this way,” says tenor saxophonist Belden. ”Sting’s a great arranger and he knows how to craft a song.” Belden says he has yet to hear personally from Sting but asserts that Trudie Styler, the singer’s longtime girlfriend, ”loves it, so that’s even more official.”

Screenwriter Jim Hart (Hook) is working on The Three Bears, an ecological fairy tale, and hopes to have Danny DeVito, Bob Hoskins, and Phil Collins star. But we won’t be catching DeVito and company in bear suits, slurping honey and climbing trees; the script, from an idea by Collins, is metaphorical. Nor is it to be confused with this December’s Jack the Bear, the big-screen directorial debut of Marshall Herskovitz (thirtysomething), in which DeVito plays a TV-show host.

After getting married in July, director Brian De Palma and producer Gale Anne Hurd (Aliens) are already talking about children — the cinematic spawn in their eerie psychological thriller, Father’s Day. Written by De Palma, the story concerns a woman who discovers her husband is conducting experiments on their preteen son — and it looks like these same efforts were inflicted on her mate by his father, leaving him with multiple personalities. Filming begins in November; John Lithgow and Lolita Davidovitch have been approached to play the leads.

Written by: Taehee Kim, David Browne, Jeff Wells, Leonard Klady

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