Billy Connolly: Pale Blue Scottish Person

Last year, this star of ABC’s Head of the Class shared an HBO Comedy Hour with Whoopi Goldberg and came off as a rambling, foulmouthed bore. This time around, Connolly has the hour to himself, and the difference is amazing: In Pale Blue Scottish Person he still rambles, and he’s still so foul-mouthed that he gets five minutes of material out of an explanation of why he loves being so foulmouthed. But Connolly is no longer a bore; he’s now an articulate ranter who can take the most hackneyed stand-up-comic subjects — a tough childhood, the difficulty of programming VCRs (”I am con-vinced that these machines tape shows they want to watch, and the hell with what you requested”) — and filter them through his mad-Scotsman personality to come up with new angles. As with most comedy performances of this length, Connolly’s inspiration flags during the second half, but that first half hour is the best frank talk I’ve heard in a while. B+

Billy Connolly: Pale Blue Scottish Person
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