Sonic Youth: Goo -- the Home Video

To paraphrase Frank Zappa (who was paraphrasing avant-garde composer Edgard Varèse), the present-day bohemian refuses to die. If you doubt that, check out Sonic Youth: Goo, a collection of videos by Lower East Side noise-rock avatars Sonic Youth. Decibel for decibel and scary haircut for scary haircut, these Velvet Underground wannabes have the classic boho look and attitude down cold. As for the videos themselves, they’re fairly apt analogues to Sonic Youth’s songs: in small doses interesting and original but over the long haul tending to blur in the mind. The best ones here are the MTV-friendly ”Kool Thing,” in which bassist Kim Gordon combines cheesecake and a critique of a male-dominated society (neat trick); the opening ”Dirty Boots,” a combination performance piece and backstage romance that looks as if it’s excerpted from a better-than-average teen flick; and the soft-core lesbian porn of ”Scooter + Jinx,” which is guaranteed at least to wake you up. The rest of the cuts seem like the work of a bunch of bright suburban brats who have seen too many early Warhol movies — kind of cool but also kind of boring. B-

Sonic Youth: Goo -- the Home Video
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