''The Pope Must Die!'' controversy -- Dozens of newspapers refuse to the film's racy ads

Last month dozens of newspapers rejected the racy ads for a new British comedy, The Pope Must Die!, a tale of greed and lust in the Vatican, starring Robbie Coltrane, Beverly D’Angelo, and Paul Bartel. Most papers took exception to the artwork — a leggy nun cuddling up to the Pope (Coltrane), who in turn hangs against a cross. So Miramax, Pope‘s distributor, is supplying alternative ads, one without the cross and another featuring Coltrane in papal gear, with bullet holes in his miter. But some newspapers still aren’t amused. A handful of them, including The Dallas Morning News, continue to say no; other publishers refuse to run the title (The Washington Post, for instance, is calling it The Pope Must…). The Boston Globe is running the old ad but draping the nun’s legs, erasing the cross, and whiting out the Guns N’ Roses logo on the front of Coltrane’s T-shirt. On television, NBC will not broadcast the commercial, which features the movie’s pope advocating safe sex. Parish the thought.