Check out letters from those who agreed with us, and those who didn't on Pee-wee, romance novels, and Lolllapalooza

Mail from our readers

  • On Pee-wee
  • I think Paul Reubens was handed quite a bad deal, what with the network canceling his reruns and most (not all) of the media raking him over the coals (#79). It is heartening, though, to see his colleagues and fans rallying behind him. After all the fun and quality entertainment he has given us, surely we can forgive him this insignificant indiscretion, whatever the verdict.
  • Patricia Piorkowski
  • Trenton, N.J.

I cannot tell you how happy I was to see your article on Paul Reubens. I enjoyed reading a positive story about Pee-wee instead of all this media hoopla. I totally agree that this whole incident has been blown out of proportion. This is one ”Pee-weeite” who stands behind her man.
Marla King
Long Beach, Miss.

Your defense of Pee-wee Herman shocked and saddened me. Other celebrities involved in scandals, such as Rob Lowe and Errol Flynn, cannot be compared to Paul Reubens because he is a children’s performer. Regardless of what may have occurred in that theater, he was irresponsible for being there in the first place. Pee-wee is an unsuitable role model for kids. I say good riddance.
J.F. Fountain
Los Angeles

Love Letters
I wrote before to accuse your magazine of pseudo-intellectual snobbery; the least I can do now is praise your departure from that. I enjoyed the articles about romance novels. Thank you for allowing the words romance novel to appear without criticizing.
Yvonne A. Jocks
Euless, Tex.

Since I am a romance author, I enjoyed the article on the Romance Writers of America National Conference. I felt I must, however, respond to Sarah Bird’s article, ”Rules of the Game.” Take heart, Ms. Bird. In two of my upcoming Harlequins, I do use the word penis. So as you can see, the names of the parts are changing, though I assure you the parts themselves will always remain the same.
Carin Rafferty

Tour de Force
In contrast to your article on struggling summer tours, at least one tour is consistently selling tickets — the Lollapalooza Festival. It provides the perfect break from overproduced, overhyped, and overpriced entertainment.
Spencer J. Wolfe
Norfolk, N.Y.

It?s no Mystery
Kudos for recognizing Mystery Science Theater 3000 as one of the brightest, most refreshing shows on cable.
Daniel Barton
Raleigh, N.C.

Corrections: In the video review of New Jack City, actress Vanessa Williams was misidentified. Williams is not the former Miss America but a performer with credits on Broadway (Mule Bone) and TV (The Cosby Show).