Films you may never see -- ''Brenda Starr,'' ''Eyes of an Angel,'' and ''Backtrack'' are some of the films that have had trouble getting released

Brenda Starr

After all the hype about its Aug. 30 release, and after renewed media interest in its whatever-happened-to star, Brooke Shields’ Brenda Starr has been postponed, again. This time the delay is until ”sometime in the fall,” says a spokeswoman for Sony’s Triumph Releasing, although the movie has been gathering dust for five years already. Brenda, however, is hardly Hollywood’s only recent hostage. Many captives haven’t been released on time in the past few years because they’re either duds or prisoners of lawsuits. Here’s a sampling:

Captain America (1990) Matt Salinger (son of hideaway novelist J.D.) starred as the comic-book character who’s frozen for 40 years and, once thawed, becomes a crime fighter again. A turkey, the movie remains in deep freeze.

Eyes of an Angel (1990) This John Travolta film about a father-daughter relationship began filming in 1988 but ran into trouble shooting from the point of view of a dog, a central character. Finally finished last year, Angel is due in the next six months.

Backtrack (1989) Dennis Hopper directed the story of an L.A. artist, played by Jodie Foster, who witnesses a mob killing; Joe Pesci sends a hit man (Hopper) on her trail. Because of legal and artistic clashes, the movie was cut from three hours to 98 minutes, Hopper had his name removed, and the film was released only in Britain. Showtime will air the movie before the end of the year.

Then there’s Boris & Natasha (1989), with Sally Kellerman and Dave Thomas, and Chains of Gold (1989), another Travolta pic, with Marilu Henner. Perhaps the most notorious of all shelved films to date, Sam Fuller’s White Dog (1982), had its theatrical debut in July. Starring Kristy McNichol and Paul Winfield, the movie had been held purely because of its controversial theme: It’s about a dog trained to attack only black people.

Brenda Starr
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