Filming in Russia -- Projects in the USSR are put on hold due to Mikhail Gorbachev's ouster

Before last week’s ouster of Soviet President Mikhail Gorbachev, some half- dozen American-produced movies were supposed to film in the USSR in coming weeks, including an HBO movie about the life of Stalin starring Robert Duvall. HBO officials last week were trying to figure out whether they would proceed or move the production to Budapest. Here are other films affected by the coup:

The Ice Runner
With six months of shooting done on this independent film — some Red Square scenes were shot right up until the coup — producers expect to finish.

Comrades of Summer
Another HBO film, about a Soviet baseball team, to star Joe Mantegna. A coproducer calls it ”very doubtful.”

Mad Dog Coll
Producer Menahem Golan will proceed unless the situation ”gets dramatically worse.”

14 Lenin Street
An indie about a fictional plot to kill reformer Boris Yeltsin. Production was halted last week.

Red Target
Roger Corman’s low-budget thriller with Theodore Bikel may shift scenes to Bulgaria. It’s about a group of Soviet generals who want to overthrow Gorbachev.