The Eric Gales Band

Sixteen-year-old Eric Gales proves on his debut album, The Eric Gales Band, that he’s much more than just another whiz-kid guitar show-off. Although he can play with speed and flash (check the sizzling instrumental ”High Anxiety”), what’s more amazing is that anyone so young has mastered something artfully done by Jimi Hendrix and countless gospel stars — establishing a sense of deep-seated frustration and then unerringly breaking free with sheer musical power. Eric gets plenty of help from older brother Eugene, who sings, plays bass, and writes the band’s songs. The best ones use religious imagery to describe worldly concerns — ”Sign of the Storm” and ”World for Ransom” pinpoint the global demons of war and homelessness while ”Piece of My Soul” wrestles with personal ones. If you’ve bought into the idea that rock is dead, the soaring sounds of ”Resurrection” should change your thinking. A

The Eric Gales Band
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