The Popcorn Report

The 16th century had Nostradamus. The 19th century had Rasputin. And the 20th century has…Faith Popcorn? For over 15 years, this soothsayer has been chairman of BrainReserve, a think tank that analyzes and forecasts consumer trends. Usually Popcorn makes her predictions known only to her list of blue-chip corporate clients, but now she’s letting us all take a peek at the world of tomorrow in The Popcorn Report. Her list of current and future fads includes ”cocooning” (”a sort of hyper-nesting”), ”egonomics” (”a nicer narcissism”), and ”down-aging” (”40 now is what used to be 30”). Popcorn’s corporate benefactors pay untold sums for these visions, so I suppose we shouldn’t scoff. Still, the most interesting question raised by this book is never answered — is that her real name or what? C

The Popcorn Report
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