Martika's Kitchen

”I’ll try anything,” cooed the 19-year-old star Martika on her 1988 debut, a promised she backed up by heavy-breathing her way through the entire record like Debbie Gibson gone bad. Couple that sexpot persona with an unfathomably exotic name it’s no wonder Prince swooped down to produce or cowrite four tracks on Martika’s follow-up, Martika’s Kitchen. Unfortunately, this record will be of interest only to those who lay awake waiting for the next Apollonia album. The caliber of backup people rallying around Martika this time does insure that her record bursts with more effective and catchy dance-pop than the Kmart-style club music of her debut. But we still don’t get a sense of Martika herself; her reliably randy image is just standard fare for the genre. To simulate something special, Martika tries to mine her Cuban heritage by offering a duet with Latin star Celia Cruz. Too bad her singing is so stiff; she might as well have drawn her knowledge of Cuba watching Ricky Ricardo on TV. C

Martika's Kitchen
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