Madonna's unauthorized biographies -- Two publishing houses are rushing to release books on the pop star

So far, we’ve witnessed what Madonna can do to a water bottle, eavesdropped on her telephone call to Daddy, and seen her stark naked in Penthouse. Now, two book publishers are vying to unveil the real Material Girl.

Citadel Press/Carol Publishing Group, aiming for a mid-October release, is desperately seeking to be out with a paperback original called Madonna Revealed before Simon & Schuster can bring out Madonna Unauthorized in hardcover, and Citadel promises surprises. ”All that Truth or Dare stuff is just part of her marketing strategy — to make people think she’s an open and candid celebrity,” says a spokesman. ”But she does have secrets.”

Simon & Schuster has signed up veteran journalist Christopher Andersen, the former People editor who wrote 1990’s juicy Citizen Jane about Henry Fonda’s daughter, for its $20 book, which will feature a front jacket totally bare of type because the still-secret cover photo will say it all. Although Madonna did not deign to speak, Andersen has interviewed friends, family, and ex-lovers. A spokeswoman for S&S says only that the book will ”reveal some very contradictory things in her character and life.”

For its dueling-Madonnas entry, Citadel is relying on British journalist Douglas Thompson. The $12.95 book’s cover will sport a photo showing what is described by a company spokesman as ”a vulnerable Madonna, very innocent, like a Sandra Dee or a Tammy.” The book’s editor, Gail Kinn, says Thompson has uncovered vulnerability by talking to people like Madonna’s first boyfriend, now a minister. ”It’s very poignant,” Kinn says. In addition to those two, there’s already a picture book out, Madonna Superstar. And both William Morrow and G.P. Putnam & Sons are working on volumes. But, Kinn snipes, ”That’s probably two years away. Who knows what color her hair will be by then.”