''Home Alone'' promotions -- Fox Video is planning a major assault for the video release of the blockbuster

”You’ll see it everywhere,” says Bruce Pfander. The senior vice president of marketing for FoxVideo is referring to the unprecedented promotional campaign planned for the video release of Home Alone, the little comedy that has already conquered the box office. FoxVideo and sponsor Pepsi are spending an epic $16 million — only $2 million shy of what it cost to make the film itself — on TV ads. And with American Airlines, they’ll drop another $12 million for giveaways and other cross-promotions. Highlights of the blitz:

A $5 rebate if you buy both the video and a multipack of any Pepsi-brand soda.

American Airlines ticket discounts included in the cassette box.

Free Home Alone T-shirts and posters.

Home Alone: The Game.

Seven-inch-tall ”Screaming Kevin” dolls.

But why stop there? Why not try:

Free Home Alone accident insurance for parents.

Money-back coupons John Hughes dogs (Dutch, She’s Having a Baby).

Home Alone microwave dinners (Heath Bar hamburger, peanut butter Spam, etc).

”Talk like Macaulay Culkin in 10 days” tapes.

Seven-inch-tall ”Screaming Movie Critic” dolls.

Home Alone
  • Movie
  • 103 minutes