Code Name: Dancer

CODE NAME: DANCER Kate Capshaw, Jeroen Krabbe (1987, Vidmark, $89.95, unrated) Originally shown on network TV, this thriller is an effective variation on a familiar theme-the one about the former spy who is lured out of retirement for one more dangerous mission. Kate Capshaw (Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom) plays the reluctant secret agent; she’s living her new life as a wife and schoolteacher when a mysterious phone call sends her racing off to Cuba to rescue an old colleague. Her only hope lies with a former lover (Jeroen Krabbe) -Castro’s top adviser-whom she long ago betrayed in the line of duty. Little does she know that their reunion is a trap. Like so many TV thrillers, this one plays it too safe to keep you at the edge of your sofa. The story doesn’t have quite enough twists. But with its very human heroine and its sorrowfully romantic tone, this modest little thriller has what so many grander ones lack: some heart. B

Code Name: Dancer
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