Boyz N The Hood burns with John Singlenton’s fierce but uncompromising commitment to his community’s survival. The film’s soundtrack similarly simmers with his (and music supervisor Raoul Roach’s) love for hardcore hip-hop, the kind of rap heard at parties or on the street but not often enough on pop radio. This collection kicks off with rapper-turned-movie-star Ice Cube’s funk-laden primer on getting through the day, ”How to Survive in South Central.” (Hot tip: ”Get yourself a gun.”) Better yet, check out ”Mamma Don’t Take No Mess,” Yo-Yo’s ode to the woman who raised her with a warm heart and a firm hand, or ”Just a Friendly Game of Baseball,” Main Source’s cry against police brutality. Alongside this fiery rap are hot R&B songs by Quincy Jones protégé Tevin Campbell and newcomers Force One Network. One the smoke clears, the soundtrack closes with two absolutely gorgeous jazzy ballads, one by Quincy Jones (featuring the late Sarah Vaughan and Take 6) and one by Stanley Clark. A