One of the best ways to judge a video game is how much fun it is to repeat various levels until you learn how to defeat the Big Bosses, or whatever it is you have to do to complete a given stage of the game. On this score, Bonk’s Revenge — NEC’s sequel to its hit Bonk’s Adventure — rates low. Bonk’s prehistoric enemies are really a humdrum lot, the backgrounds are okay but not eye-popping, and the music is tinny and juvenile. On the other hand, Bonk is an endearing little thug, using his bald pate to, well, bonk enemies off the screen, gobbling up shanks of meat that turn him into a vicious — but always cute — proto-Neanderthal. Overall, Bonk’s Revenge is nothing evoltionary, but if you’re a softy for a tiny caveman with a mission, you could do a whole lot worse. B