The youth movement -- A look at the recent cavalcade of kids, including Edward Furlong, Mikki Allen, and Angela Goethals

Ever since Macaulay Culkin blasted Home Alone into the box office stratosphere, it seems that Hollywood has unleashed a drove of movie kids. This summer, actors under 14 have had pivotal parts in everything from action blockbusters (Terminator 2) to domestic dramas (Regarding Henry) to hard-boiled detective yarns (V.I. Warshawski). Ranging from off-the-street discoveries to seasoned performers, these youngsters are now chasing dreams of stardom and profit points. Here’s the current lineup of young actors vying to be the next $200 million kid.

Edward Furlong Terminator 2
Furlong, who just turned 14, is the screen kid of the season, bringing true grit to the role of Resistance-leader-of-the-future John Connor. Discovered by casting director Mali Finn while he was hanging out at a youth center in his hometown of Pasadena, Furlong says being in the summer’s No. 1 blockbuster ”has changed my life — totally.” But it hasn’t all been glitter. Furlong is now in the middle of a legal dispute between his mother and the aunt he’s chosen to live with. But the young actor has already landed his second feature, American Heart, which stars Jeff Bridges. As to who’s the top movie kid, Furlong says, ”I don’t want to get into a duel with Macaulay Culkin; I liked Home Alone, but I think Terminator 2 will end up being seen by as many people.”

Angela Goethals V.I. Warshawski
As Kat Grafalk, the sassy kid who holds her own against Kathleen Turner’s tough-talking private eye, Goethals, 14, is a highlight of V.I. Warshawski. The precocious New York actress, who alternates between stage and screen (she’s currently starring in Lynda Barry’s Off Broadway hit, The Good Times Are Killing Me), can trace an interesting bit of history between her and Culkin: Goethals costarred as as his older sister in Rocket Gibraltar (1988) and later repeated the on-screen relationship in Home Alone. Right now Goethals says she would like to concentrate on ”getting into the swing of high school. My mom (Rosalind, who’s divorced from Goethals’ father) doesn’t want me to be so focused on acting that I can’t do anything else,” she says. ”I’m interested in other things, but I’ll probably continue acting as long as it’s fun.”

Charlie Korsmo The Doctor
With back-to-back roles in What About Bob? and The Doctor, Minnesota native Charlie Korsmo has had a busy year. The 13-year-old actor, who lives with his two brothers and his divorced mom, Debbie, was doing commercials before he made his feature debut in Men Don’t Leave (1990) and then nabbed the plum role as Kid in Dick Tracy (1990). Currently, he’s on the set of Steven Spielberg’s Hook, playing the son of Peter Pan (Robin Williams), who is kidnapped by Captain Hook (Dustin Hoffman). When asked about the approaching competition between Hook and Culkin’s new film, My Girl, both due in December, Korsmo says, ”My Girl will do a fast fizzle.” He quickly adds, ”Just kidding.”

Mikki Allen Regarding Henry
Freckled newcomer Mikki Allen, 13, impressed critics with her warm performance as Harrison Ford’s daughter in Henry, but Allen, a Texas native now living in New York, says she has no immediate plans to pursue an acting career. ”I didn’t do this movie for the fame or money — it was a fluke,” says Allen, who won the role by attending an open casting call. ”I got the part and I thought it would be a fun experience. I didn’t wind up with any money anyway — it all went to taxes.”

Ethan Randall Dutch This 13-year-old from Southern California, who is so convincing as the snooty blue blood in Dutch, says he began hearing such things as, ”So you’re the next John Hughes kid,” soon after wrapping the summer comedy, which, like Home Alone, is a Hughes production. Now Randall, who began his career in TV and has appeared in one other feature, Defending Your Life, has already signed for his next film — Paramount’s All I Want for Christmas. Randall admits he was pressured to sign for the film before the release of Dutch, however. The reason? ”If it became a hit, I wouldn’t turn around and demand millions.”