Seal may be a forbidding 6-foot-4 British club phenom, but he exudes genuine warmth on disc. There’s a real person behind his leather-boy looks; he’s an artist who knows when to break the rules. Neither a straight-ahead soul man nor a rock & roller, Seal cops licks from both camps, the result being a seductive, guitar-propelled groove. In his self-titled album, Seal‘s ”Crazy,” a strong contender to be the single of the summer, mingles pelvic thrust with arty angst, and is one of those rare club hits that mesmerize listeners even off the dance floor — as does the rest of this hypnotic debut. With a throaty, urgent baritone, Seal throws together country rock (”Deep Water”), techno-disco (”The Beginning”), and folky earnestness (”Show Me”) and makes it all not just plausible but powerful. The nine songs, released without pauses between them, form an enigmatic quasi-mystical medley. But Seal pulls off the neat trick of sounding both mysterious and intimate; you may have no idea what his words mean, but his sound is so right that it doesn’t matter. A