NBA videotapes -- The latest tape of the Chicago Bulls is flying off the shelves

Good things come to teams that win. Just ask the Chicago Bulls. Learning to Fly: The World Champion Chicago Bulls’ Rise to Glory — video highlights of this year’s NBA finals, in which the Bulls whipped the Los Angeles Lakers — is set to hit stores this week. And while 1990’s championship video, Pure Pistons, basked in Detroit’s victory and sold an admirable 50,000 copies, Michael Jordan and company generated more than 120,000 preorders for their $19.98 tape, produced by NBA Entertainment and CBS/Fox Video. Christmas sales could double that figure. After all, Jordan has demonstrated such a flight pattern before: Two previous NBAE tapes of His Airness (1989’s Come Fly With Me and 1990’s Michael Jordan’s Playground) have sold more than 1 million copies combined, and NBC’s ratings for the finals were up 28 percent over last year.