Julia Has Two Lovers

How do you make a romance really modern? First you take an old chestnut — Julia despairs of ever finding true passion, settling for her dullard boyfriend — then you shine it up with a couple of au courant afflictions like disaffection and dysfunction (à la sex, lies, and videotape). So she may or may not find love with the seductive mystery man on the other end of the wrong number; she might become free enough to find herself through him. And, with unaffected acting by Daphna Kastner (who cowrote the resourceful screenplay), we can easily imagine how sensuous and satisfying that would be. Renters who judge Julia Has Two Lovers by its video-box cover may think they’ve chosen a sleazy fantasy about multiple sex partners. They’re going to be disappointed to find in its place an occasionally comic, sporadically charismatic, ultimately slight, and decidedly non-cheap modern romance. B

Julia Has Two Lovers
  • Movie
  • 86 minutes