David Lynch, Nathan McCall, and Meryl Streep made headlines this week

Entertainment news for August 16, 1991

David Lynch could have a new show on the air faster than you can say ”log lady.” With Twin Peaks gone, ABC is already talking to the director about a new mid-season series. On the Air, Lynch’s sitcom pilot about the early days of television, didn’t make the fall schedule, but, says ABC entertainment president Robert Iger, ”The pilot was out there…it’s hilarious. We’ve ordered more scripts, and we’ll go from there.” Lynch’s on-again off-again plan for a big-screen ”prequel” to Twin Peaks is gaining momentum as well; the director is reportedly negotiating with Kyle MacLachlan to reprise his role as Agent Dale Cooper.

Nathan McCall, a Washington Post reporter who once served time for armed robbery, set the literary world abuzz last month with his book proposal, ”Make Me Wanna Holler”: A Young Black Man in America. ”It’s the story of a troubled young man who did his time and worked his way, with some unease, through the journalism world, ” says McCall’s agent, Raphael Sagalyn, who pitted six publishers against one another in a three-day auction for the book. Ann Godoff, the Random House editor who snagged it for $425,000, says comparisons to Richard Wright are not farfetched: ”Like Wright, he’s committed to making this book mean something.”

Not that they have much in common, but Robert De Niro will take Tom Hanks’ place in a remake of the 1950 film noir, Night and the City. The update will begin filming this fall. De Niro replaced Hanks when the latter went off to play the manager of an all-female baseball team in A League of Their Own, where he replaced Jim Belushi.

Despite She-Devil, Meryl Streep is hitching her star to another comedy, albeit a very black one — Death Becomes Her, directed by Bob Zemeckis (Romancing the Stone, Who Framed Roger Rabbit?). Universal has green-lighted the picture, in which aging actress Streep steals a handsome plastic surgeon away from her best friend and marries him. Ten years later, the marriage has soured and her once-mousy pal, now a gorgeous, famous author, not only steals him back again, but plans a murderous revenge. According to studio sources, Kevin Kline and Goldie Hawn lead the long list of costar candidates.

Written by: Alan Carter, Tina Jordan, Leonard Klady, Anne Thompson