The White Room

August 09, 1991 at 04:00 AM EDT

KLF, EMF — who can tell one trendy U.K. techno-dance band from another? Each makes computerized club music fit for a rave — an all-night, mind-altering underground party where you dance till you drop. But the KLF, which started strictly as a party act, have emerged, like EMF, as a smash-hit pop crossover with ”3 A.M. Eternal” climbing the singles charts. In The White Room the group has managed to combine its spacey club sounds with some real soul, sweeps of melody, and choruses that wail and wander. Jarring high-tech beats set the pace for the fast first half of The White Room, but the surprisingly serene, soft harmonies of the second half will turn your head into a bubble of bliss. The KLF call their sound ”ambient house,” implying it’s atmospheric, airy, and yet highly danceable. But their diverse music is too rich to be labeled. A-

The White Room

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The White Room

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