Latin Alliance

Kid Frost’s 1990 album, Hispanic Causing Panic, featuring the Chicano solidarity anthem ”La Raza,” was one of the finest rap hits of 1990. Frost follows up by fronting a Latin coalition that extends from the Mexican influences found on the West Coast to the Caribbean styles of the East in Latin Alliance. These songs cut deep grooves and ask hard questions about ethnicity, solidarity, and oppression. The first three tracks tell the story: ”Low Rider” (performed with War, the group that made it a hit in 1975) celebrates the joys of Chicano life-style; ”What Is an American?” offers a rap discourse on the cultural identity of brown Americans; and ”Runnin”’ delivers a major dis to U.S. immigration policies. These themes pervade the album, making Latin Alliance a significant statement from a community that’s been an important but largely ignored contributor to every important pop genre from R&B to rock to rap. A

Latin Alliance
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