Electric Light Orchestra Part Two

Electric Light Orchestra Part Two represent what I like to call the Frankenstein’s Monster school of rock. Under other name (Electric Light Orchestra), were highly successful late-’70s band brought to life by mad scientist Jeff Lynne of ELO. This is long gone, but the group live on in new incarnation. Do they miss their creator? A single original ELO-ster, drummer Bev Bevan, teamed with Pete Haycock of the Climax Blues Band and Eric Troyer to replicate Lynne’s orchestrations and special-effects wizardry, producing Electric Light Orchestra Part Two, a highly enjoyable record, full of swooping violin arpeggios and synthesized thousand-voice choirs ringing out the catchy choruses. The uncannily faithful result is better than the slipshod albums the real ELO made at the end of their career, in the ’80s. B

Electric Light Orchestra Part Two
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