Spike Lee's Joint -- With the director's store doing so well, we come up with stores for other celebrities

Now a year old, Spike Lee’s Joint, the director’s Brooklyn-based shop, has been such a hit Lee says he has plans to franchise it. Given that success, other celebrities might want to try their hand at the retail business. Here are a few establishments, as well as some suggested trinkets, that we think would pack in the customers:

C’est Scorsese
Last Temptation nativity set. Rock’em Sock’em Jake & Mrs. La Motta Robots. GoodFella-in-Cement aquarium aerators. Your picture taken with cardboard cutout of Rupert Pupkin.

Eddie Murphy’s Neighborhood
The Beverly Hills cap. The Trading Places home game. ”Another $48 and All I Got Was This Stupid T-Shirt.”

The Pete Rose Emporium
Novelty ”Your Name Here” Hall of Fame plaques. ”Honk if You Like ‘Affirmed’ in the Fifth” bumper sticker. Ladies enter nightly drawing to win dinner with the owner.

Chez Cher
Tattoo artist on call 24 hours. Select serious dramatic scenes from Moonstruck, Mask, Silkwood.

Simply Schwarzkopf
Baghdad Hilton soap, towels. ”We Did It Before, We’ll Do It Again” Desert Storm pins. ”Don’t Blame Me for the Weather — I Only Look Like Willard!” barbecue aprons. ”Remember Eisenhower” campaign memorabilia.

Willie Nelson World
Reopening soon under new management.